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Hoffman Diamond Products is a manufacturer of metal bonded diamond tools used to saw, cut, drill, shape, profile or grind concrete, asphalt, granite, marble, stone, glass, alumina, zirconium, quartz, sapphire, and ceramics. With over 125 years in manufacturing metal bonded tools, Hoffman Diamond Products can provide their customers with an extensive array of both standard and customize tools to meet their most difficult application.     


The company’s vast experience in metal bonded abrasive tools coupled with a variety of manufacturing techniques allows them to provide both standard and unique one of a kind products to the Geotechnical, Construction, and Industrial Ceramic markets. Our rapid prototyping of metal bonded diamond or cubic boron nitride tools uniquely distinguishes Hoffman Diamond Products from many of their competitors.




The construction industry demands a variety of bonds for diamond sawing and drilling tools. Diamond saw blades and bits cut or drill concrete, asphalt, brick, block, tile, granite and marble. Diamond tools have proven to be the most cost effective way to penetrate these materials.




Hoffman's Heavy Duty and Premium Blades and Grinding Heads are top-of-the-line production tools. These tools are specifically designed and manufactured for the professional who demands precision cutting and grinding with a long life expectancy.




Hoffman Diamond has pioneered the manufacture and use of diamond drill bits. Starting with the hand setting of "black carbon" diamond and leading to our current position of utilizing the latest developments in bit technology including computerized furnacing, manufacturing and assembly. All processes are meticulously controlled and rigidly inspected to guarantee the quality and consistency of our products.


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